(last updated: 1-MAY-2007)


  • What is NISSAN's consult and how does it work ?

    The NISSAN Consult is a hand held computerised diagnostic tool designed to communicate
    directly with the electronic control units (ECU's) in the vehicle.
    Connection to ANY control unit is through a 'Diagnostic Data Link' (DDL) provided in the vehicle.

    NISSAN Consult is designed to perform 3 basic functions (as follows);
    ▫ display the status of the input and output signals read at the control unit (ECU)
    ▫ read the conclusions of the electronic systems Self Diagnostics (error log) and display the name of the failed circuit.
    ▫ instructs the control unit to modify signals of certain sensors and actuators, thereby changing operating conditions
    to confirm diagnosis. (not available for all systems)

  • What is a Conzult and how does it work ?

    the ConZult is an application that was originally developed for the late model 300ZX (Z32).
    It is basically a PC-version of the Nissan Consult I and offers the same
    functionality plus extra features that are not possible with the Nissan consult.
    Some of these functions are:
    ▫ realtime monitoring of every sensor in the car.
    ▫ (temporarily) adjustment of fuel and timing maps, for tuning purposes.
    ▫ manual operation of solenoids and relays
    ▫ checking and erasing DTC error-codes
    ▫ recording, analyzing and replaying sensor and solenoid data

    Most of all the ConZult is an indispensable diagnostic tool, which can help you in problem determination.

  • What are the main differences between NISSAN consult and Conzult ?

    the Conzult software will run on any windows based PC or laptop, with data logging ability far exceeding Nissan's consult.
    Conzult can export captured data in CSV-format for reporting or analysing (in eg. Ms Excel) , Nissan's consult cannot.
    The export of captured data to logfiles enables you to compare data from different cars or runs.
    ConZult is a lot faster, more flexible to use and easier to work with.

  • What are Conzults minimal (hardware) requirements ?

    the software runs on almost any version of Microsoft Windows (9X/ME/NT/2000/XP)
    minimal PC/Laptop hardware requirements are 233Mhz Pentium processor and 64Mb RAM memory.


  • How is the Conzult connected/communicating ?

    Connection for the ConZult is via the same method as NISSAN consult and Techtom MDM-100, being
    the 'Diagnostic Data Link' (DDL) provided in the vehicle.
    This grey connector is usually located under the dashboard (driver's side), near the fuse box
    or close to the hood release lever.

    The Conzult interface cable is connected to the serial port of the laptop or PC.
    Connecting the Conzult to a USB connector is possible with a USB to RS232 converter cable

  • Will the Conzult be able to solve all my vehicles problems ?

    In a word NO, I will try to keep this short .....
    it seems often that references are made to the 'consult' but most may not know what it actually is used for.
    This may help you understand the so called myth of consult and it's uses. In-fact I have listened to statements
    like " take your vehicle to NISSAN and they will plug in a consult and solve all your problems".
    This is NOT true but to some it can seem true if your vehicle won't start due a failure of the Crank Angle Sensor (CAS) or
    Power Transistor Unit (PTU) and it's towed into a dealership.

    If you own a workshop manual you will see references throughout to the consult and it's method of use for a particular test.
    It can save hours when looking for sensor related problems, although it only logs TOTAL SENSOR FAILURES,
    NOT parameters that may be outside operational tolerances this is left to the operator to determine.
    That said one of conzults most beneficial uses is when a vehicle will not start or has a noticeable problem and the operator
    can quickly plug-in and check self diagnostic failures. Although the Conzult can aide immensely with problem
    determination it's NOT the be all and end all.
    It's a great diagnostic tool, infact the best available for the 300ZX Z32 to aid/ help in problem determination, but like all diagnostic tools it's only a good as it's operator's knowledge and experience.

  • Who do I contact in case of a problem or technical support ?

    applicable to registered users that have purchased the Full conzult package:
    If you experience a problem with either the software or cable promptly contact the dealer/ distributor you
    purchased the conzult from and they should be able to help you out with advise.
    The cable is backed by a 3 month warranty on materials and workmanship.
    In case of damage to the interface, cable or connector they are assessed on individual warranty case-by-case basis.
    Technical support is available for the software's operation and use ONLY, and does NOT extend to actual fault
    determination or rectification with customer's vehicles.
    For questions, remarks or suggestions regarding the software please send an email to info@dta-motorsport.com

    applicable to those that have purchased the software:
    In case of problems or suggestions regarding the software, please visit the conzult support forum or send an
    email to info@dta-motorsport.com

  • Am I able to try before I buy ?

    A limited but fully working version of the Conzult software is available for download: Conzult freeware version

  • Does Conzult come with a manual of some type ?

    The software comes with a comprehensive manual in PDF format.

    For further troubleshooting or diagnostic procedures we refer to the Nissan service manual.
    ( available on CD from http://www.courtesyparts.com )

  • Is the Conzult able to be constantly attached to the car ?

    Yes, you can leave the Conzult attached to your vehicle as you require.
    The software enables you to monitor virtually every sensor in the car in real-time and you will also be able to
    (temporarily) adjust fuel and timing maps, check solenoids, check and erase error-codes, log data, etc.
    Although it is NOT recommended to make any active changes to the vehicle whilst in motion UNLESS you
    are FULLY AWARE of exactly what these changes will have on the engine and or it's associated systems.
    Failure to fully understand the effects could lead to permanent engine damage & or failure, this is particularly relative
    to the fuel mixture reduction and or igniting timing advance.

  • Will the Conzult software be available for PDA's/Palmtops ?

    Currently we have a working,  but stripped version of the conzult for the Psion Workabout/3c handhelds
    There are no further plans to develop a version for other handhelds/palmtops

  • Does the Conzult work on the 350Z or G35 ?

    No, unfortunately the 350Z and G35 do not support the consult diagnostic protocol and the conzult software won't
    work on these models.

    Nissan started using the CAN-diagnostic protocol on most of their models released from 2001 onwards.
    You can use (generic) OBD2 diagnostic software to diagnose some problems on these cars, although this will be limited.

    for full diagnostic and ECU reprogramming features you will need to obtain an MTS 3200, Nissan Consult II
    or Consult III with the appropriate ROM-cards. (We do NOT sell any of these.)

  • I would like to have the software/screens customized, is this possible ?

    Yes, if you think something essential is missing or you would like to have something changed which would also be beneficial
    to other Conzult users, just let us know and we will try to implement it in the next version of the software.

    Fully customized versions of the software are also possible, but this will NOT be free of charge.

  • I already have a consult-cable and would like to purchase the software only.

    For those that want/have built their own consult DDL-interface/cable or have bought a 3rd party cable, it's possible to
    purchase the conzult-Z32 version seperately as software-only version.

    Conzult-Z32 software:
    » ENGINE ECU realtime sensor monitoring, logging
    » ENGINE ECU active tests and work support
    » READ ONLY Access to ECCS ROM (Fuel and timingmaps, K-val, etc)
    » FULL AIRCON realtime sensor monitoring, logging and active tests
    » FULL HICAS realtime sensor monitoring, logging + active tests
    » FULL AT sensor montoring
    » ECCS logfile replay
    » Logfile graphical analyzer
    » Extensive User manual
    » free software support and updates for 12 months

    IMPORTANT: this version only works on the 300ZX/Z32

    Price for the Conzult-Z32 software : 139 EUR

    Please email us if you want to order the software or have any questions regarding the software.

    consult interface schematics can be found here and here

    DISCLAIMER: please do NOT email us with questions about this interface. It is not our design and we do NOT support it.
    If you want a fully tested cable with warranty and support, we recommend you
    purchase the full conzult package.





  • How do I get the latest software updates ?

    New software updates will only be available to registered users that have bought our full conzult package.
    If you bought a full conzult package and you haven't registered yet, please fill in the registration form
    This way we can notify you when, how and where to download the latest software updates.

    (Registrations can be send in to: info@dta-motorsport.com)